Our software has many functions when it comes to bookings. This is why it can be confusing how system works. To enable/disable booking go to settings > finance.

Booking feature can be enabled/disabled sitewide for all properties.

It can also be enabled/disabled per property. If instant booking is not checked, then owner/admin email is used during the booking contact. If instant booking is checked, users will be able to reserve this property directly from web site using PayPal, offline payments or website balance. If you need system that charges owners PayPal email per each booking then please contact us to request this modification.

PayPal is set in control panel under Settings > Payment Providers section. All you have to do is to add your PayPal email and script will automatically charge bookings, plans and other features that include payments.

Offline Payments are also set in Settings > Payment Providers section. You can enable and add wire transfer details or any other payments like Western Union. You can insert these in textual form like we did bellow and you can insert these in any language. You can set how many hours to wait for offline payment. The actual property will be reserved for this x number of hours, but it will still have pending status until payment goes through and owner/admin activates the reservation. Please note that owner and guest will receive email upon requesting the booking and when booking is declined/accepted.

Website Balance is internal management of payments. It is probably, the easiest solution for managing payments. If you can get your visitors to upload certain funds prior to any purchase. You keep their balance in check and they can see how much they have. Interestingly, some websites use this as saving method for future travels. You load money into your balance and when you are ready you can find and book your rental using these funds. It also helps property owners manage their listing plans without hassle of constant PayPal renewals.

Admin can set price calculation to determine booking fee or full payment for reservation. This gives admin full control what to charge on his website during the booking process. Owner needs to fill details: Max. occupants, Min. nights to stay, Cleaning fee, Refundable deposit and Nonrefundable deposit. So it is up to admin what to actually charge the rest is left to be charged upon guest arrival.

The great feature that few scripts have is our rental plan period. Script will choose and charge only plans that fall into user selected dates. This gives you free hands to charge more during the popular vacation dates. For example you can charge more from August 2nd all up to July 18th. Any from/to date!

Periods booked through online booking are marked as reserved on property availability calendar and they will be unavailable for booking. If user searches property during those dates property will not be displayed in search results.

We invested lots of time into booking process. The idea is to be as modular as possible. You don't like how we organize bookings? No problem we can customize the booking process to fit your rental management.