Real Estate Script works with any location in the world. You can batch upload your locations directly into database, but you can also be fancy and display location page like this:

You can create page like this by adding large background image on your edit location page. You can add short description or tagline like presented in this capture.

Editing Location

Any location can be edited in this way. Once you edit first location the large header will appear in your homepage.

* If you set in control panel > settings > visual > Show homepage slider: yes

If you have more than one location with background then you will have slideshow as presented in our demo. Make sure that these images are large (at least 1600x500 px), but not too large (it will affect the page loading speed). Make sure you check each photo size before upload. Script will show only 5 random images in the slideshow (lazy load enabled so only first image is loaded on page load).

We also list popular locations on homepage and in footer of every page. Popular locations are the ones with most properties in them.