General setup

Go to Admin > Settings > Finance

Here you can set all the site-wide features for property monetization.

Location Setup

Admin > Manage Locations > Edit your location >

You can also set these per location which will override default site-wide setup.

Now in your admin panel go to manage properties and choose which property you want to promote. You can either set property as featured:

1. Featured properties - are shown/labeled site-wide:

Set the promotion date when property is going to be listed as promoted. Each promotion is set for a certain period of time (daily basis).

  • Top of the search results (per location).
  • Featured gallery slideshow on the front page.
* You can have as many featured properties as you please. They will rotate randomly between normal properties.

2. Property submission - Expiration Plans

Adding property - some of our clients choose to charge certain price for each property submission. To make this work under all circumstances we created plans:

Admin > Manage Plans > Add or Edit Plans

If you want to charge per property submission you can do so by setting up plans. These work together with PayPal payment system. Once plans are set you can charge them on your website. During property submission owners will have option to choose payment plan to get listed on your website. You can also change it in by editing pricing tab for each property.