Real Estate Script introduces Facebook Login in v.2.1 providing the ability for your website visitors to create account with your web site and log in with one click. In order to enable Facebook Login you will have to create Facebook application and get it's Application ID and Application secret and save them in your Real Estate Script settings.

Steps to create Facebook application:

  1. Go to and create your application. You will have to create Facebook (developer) account if you do not have Facebook profile.
  2. Click Add Platform, choose Website, and enter in the Site URL field.
  3. Click on Settings on the left. Add and in the App Domains field.
  4. Enter your email in the Contact Email field.
  5. Click on Save Changes button.
  6. Copy and store your Facebook APP ID and APP secret or just leave this tab open.

Of course, you should replace with your real website domain name.

Steps to connect your website with your newly created Facebook application:

  1. Go to your website administration backend by clicking "Manage" when logged in as administrator.
  2. Click on System Settings in the sidebar, then choose "Social"
  3. Find field "Facebook APP ID" and insert your Facebook application ID there.
  4. Find field "Facebook APP secret" and insert your Facebook application secret there.
  5. Save Settings by clicking on the Submit button

Note: We're using latest version of Facebook SDK (v.4.x at the moment of writing this article) which requires PHP 5.4+ in order to function correctly. If you have PHP version lower than 5.4 you will be notified about it (in the admin panel dashboard) and your Facebook Login button will not appear. You must upgrade to PHP 5.4 or above in order to use Facebook Login.