If you received key from us and during license validation the system shows error:

I could not obtain a new local license key.
Then please ask your hosting provider to activate cURL or to enable allow_url_fopen in PHP. Our script is not connecting to our server to validate license properly.

If you are absolutely sure cURL and/or allow_url_fopen are enabled and it still doesn't work, then please ask your hosting provider if there are any outgoing connection limits on your account. Some servers allow external connections by default, but other servers may require explicit white-listing of the remote websites. So just ask them if there are such rules applied to your account or if there is a firewall blocking outbound connections.

List of outgoing connections made by our scripts:
Real Estate Script
Hostname[:port] Purpose Required
my.cubescripts.com License check YES
weather.service.msn.com Weather forecast (if used) NO
www.google.com:443 reCAPTCHA (if used) NO
All connections are made on port 80 unless stated otherwise.

If you have further problems contact our support team.